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Dark Girls 2 Documentary

“Dark Girls”, the documentary feature has created a national and international sensation with the development of a movie that details the dynamics of color in the nation and world.

The New Jump Blues

A modern musical act based on one of the most flashy and high-stepping jazz genres, featuring Antonio Fargas with Adrian Battle and Airreal Watkins Written By Al Basile Produced By Jimmy Maslon.

Seven Directions Studios

The mission of SDS is to engage complimentary skillsets to produce creative and competitive projects that establish SDS as an entertainment company with endurance in the global marketplace.

Master Mix Live Training

Master Mix Live offers students a very unique semi-private engineering education to acquire skillful use of today’s audio gear, plus, confident hands-on console mastery to qualify as an A1, or, A2, proficient Live Audio Engineer in 20 weeks.

Full Vision Arts Foundation

Full Vision Arts Foundation is an innovative, multi-disciplinary arts training institution in the business of expanding the horizons of young people, changing their lives trajectories and positively impacting the communities in which they live.

Ward of the State

“Ward of the State” starring the phenomenal Janet Hubert (Fresh Prince of Bel Air), Aloma Wright (Scrubs) and Vanessa Williams (Soul Food), was produced as a pilot in the summer of 2015. Now emerging as a Television Writer and Executive Producer, Ericka Nicole Malone is introducing her innate talent and writing ability to the world.

Moon Citizen

Aim High. Become a MOON CITIZEN.


WonderBrett specializes in high end clothing and apparel.

Phruishun 2017 Release

Phruishun’s a multi-skilled artist with a “phreedom-inphused” world view, a spirit-inspiring message and a vintage soul vibe.